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Whitening and Bleaching Your Teeth

We have touch-up bleaching kits for only $40!

Full Take Home Kits Only $149.00

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                     There are many different ways to whiten your teeth and to make them brighter. Our teeth discolor over time for many different reasons. A few examples are many different types of foods, different types of drinks, smoking, age, certain medications at an early age, and others
       Most bleaching agents for teeth are a form of peroxide, much stronger than what you buy for your home. Many people ask if this harms your teeth, this answer is NO, not in the concentrations that are used at our office. There have been many studies on the effects of bleaching on teeth. Studies have shown that just about any type or process of commercial teeth bleaching will bleach your teeth. "white strips", the so called 1-hour bleaching , and the take home bleaching kits from the dentist all will lighten your teeth. The difference is a time factor. They all whiten your teeth to the amount your teeth will bleach out, some faster than others. Another factor is the concentration of the bleach tooth sensitivity Another factor is the cost which can vary widely between types and dental offices. In office bleaching that uses a light can cause extreme sensitivity and may require more than one visit to accomplish the full effects and is 3-4 times the cost of take home kits.

       Dr. Huigens, at his office in LaVerne, CA prefers to use the take home bleaching kits. They are the most cost effective way to bleaching your teeth in a reasonable amount of time. This is especially helpful to get your teeth as white as possible before any cosmetic dental procedures such as veneers or crowns. Some people will notice a difference in a few days at 1-2 hours a day wearing your "trays". Others, might take up to 2 weeks. But you control how much you want to bleach.

Some patients teeth might become sensitive to cold during the bleaching process. We provide ways to combat the sensitivity problem.

Call Dr. Huigens if you have more questions and about the process, or to schedule an appointment and we will get you on your way to whiter, brighter teeth!!!

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