Sedation for Dental Treatment

    We currently offer sedation for those who need help relaxing while getting treatment done in the dental office. Here at Daniel Huigens DDS office in La Verne, sedation in the form of Nitrous Oxide gas is used.

    Nitrous Oxide has been used for over 100 years and is a very safe form of sedation. If takes effect almost immediately and once removed you recover within a minute or so. 

A small mask is placed over the nose of the patient and the gas along with oxygen is inhaled through the nose. The patient and Dr. Huigens can control the amount of sedation they require.

Nitrous oxide does NOT put you to sleep nor does it anesthetize the teeth, you will still need local anesthetic to numb the tooth. Nitrous oxide relaxes you and decreases the awareness of pain, much like an alcoholic drink . You become very relaxed and some have a floating sensation.

Along with listening to music with headphones it can be very relaxing. This gas is also called laughing gas because some patients will find the sensation amusing.

    The gas is kept on during the entire treatment and is started before the local anesthetic is given. Since the body eliminates the gas very quickly you are allowed to drive yourself home.

    Nitrous Oxide can be give to adults and children safely.

       If you think you need or want Nitrous Oxide please let us know before you arrive for your appointment. Honestly, we have not had any of my patients want or need Nitrous Oxide in many years because we are that gentle with our patients !