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Do you have crowns that are over ten years old or porcelain crowns on teeth that show a dark line ? Do you have recession around you crowns and are the edges of the crown way above the gum line especially on your top teeth. Have your teeth discolored over time to where your crowns don't match the shade of your teeth ? Is your bite off or are you unable to chew with you old crowns ?

It is time to replace those old crowns with new ceramic crowns that are much more aesthetic. No more dark lines around the edges, ceramic crowns are much more lifelike, they don't wear your own teeth down like porcelain crowns do. They well cover the recession you have and help prevent wearing of you roots that are exposed. They have more translucency and more natural appearance. Most insurances will replace crowns that are 5 or more years old.

Call our office for a free consultation so we can show you how we can improve your smile !

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