• Daniel Huigens DDS

Summer Teeth Whitening Sale !

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

We are doing our annual get ready for the summer special but offering our teeth whitening kits at 30% off ! For only $130 you can get a complete whitening take home kit. You will need an appointment so we can take impressions of your teeth. Then, we make custom bleaching trays for your mouth and have you back for a fitting and instructions. We use high quality tooth bleaching material that has been stored in the refrigerator for freshness. Just about all the bleach you buy online or sometimes in other offices the bleach is not been refrigerated and has been sitting around in the heat. This degrades the bleach and by the time you get it it is not as strong and it was so your bleaching won't be very satisfying. Dr. Huigens at his

La Verne office uses fresh bleaching agent ( a form of peroxide) and we have different strengths for those who have sensitivity issues. We also use fluoride gel that can be use in the bleach trays to combat the sensitivity.

Call now for an appointment before the special ends !

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