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Still Shying Away From the Dentist ?

During the pandemic most dental offices were treating mostly only emergencies during the first few month of the pandemic. Here in California in LA county we were forced to shut down for over 2 months! Patients were not able to continue their treatment and had to postpone any elective treatment . Even when we could start seeing patients again the fear was getting Covid which was so rare getting it from a dental office it didn't even exist ! There were no transmission of Covid from a US or European dental office for most of the year as far as we have heard.

Dental offices were already practicing prevention of transmitting any disease just from our normal requirements for disinfection and sterilization. Still it was hard to get patients back in the office. A lot of mis-information even from the CDC and politics got in the way of science.

So today, patients have no reason to stay away from treatment at a dental office other than their previous fears and possible financial reasons.

Here at Daniel Huigens DDS, in LaVerne ,CA we strive to make all appointments enjoyable and pain free as possible. Staff has been fully vaccinated and the office has been remodeled with new flooring for easier cleaning.

Most of our patients return for their regular check ups and many of our patients have been coming to us for 30 years.

Come visit us for a free consultation so you can see our office and get a free exam from Dr Huigens. Call now for an appointment 909-593-3551.

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