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Pets need a dentist too !

Updated: Oct 23

Dogs and cats need dentistry just as much as humans do, probably more so. 85% of dogs have periodontal disease by the time they are 3 years old.

Much of their diet can be detrimental to their oral health especially when eating a lot of human based food and scraps. Soft diet from food like canned dog food doesn't allow the process of natural cleaning as they get from dry, semi-dry dog food. Of course they can't brush their teeth on there own so it is important to brush pets teeth for them if possible.

Periodontal disease causes tooth loss, bacterial spread to other parts of the body and bad breath. If your dog has bad breath they probably need their teeth cleaned. this is especially important in older dogs. Since they can't tell you if they are hurting they can suffer from an abcessed tooth or gums. Many owners find out their dog or cat needs multiple extractions by the time they get their first pet cleaning.

I knew my dog was not eating good when I first adopted him and once I got him in to see the veterinarian he needed 2 extractions and and good cleaning. Once this was done you could tell he felt much better. My other dog always had good teeth even has he got older and needed only a few cleanings. Just like humans some are not as susceptible to the bacteria in their mouths.

I think this is one of the most neglected problems of pet owners. Yes, it can be more expensive to get your dogs teeth cleaned as it is for a human but you aren't going to have to do it every 6 months like a human in most cases.

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