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Do you see cracks in your teeth ?

Updated: Oct 23

If you look in the mirror at your teeth and suddenly see a line down the front of the tooth it could be a crack. Not all cracks are serious, some come with aging. some are natural. Most are superficial called crazing lines. Your tooth is made partially out of enamel with has a crystall

This shows traumatic cracks and crazing lines. The horizontal crack in the tooth on the left is caused from trauma as well in the corner. The tooth on the right has a vertical crack in the middle but also crazing lines.

ine structure. Sometimes these crazing lines are separation of the crystals. These lines show up more depending on how the light hits the tooth. They usually are not a concern unless they are there from unnatural forces. Like, ice chewing, drinking hot and cold right after each other for long periods of time which expands and contracts the tooth. Large fillings can cause crazing and cracks as well as teeth grinding.

Actual cracks can start small and progress much like a crack in glass. These can lead to breaking of the tooth or splitting. Symptoms of a cracked tooth can be none to pain with biting particularly when something hits on the crack that the right way will cause a sudden temporary pain. These should be seen by a dentist asap to prevent more serious injury.

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