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Dental Discounts Not Discount Dentistry

Updated: Oct 23

We here at dental office in LaVerne, CA like to see people that have dental needs that need to be addressed but stay away from the dentist because it is expensive if you don't have dental insurance . The longer treatment is delayed the worse and more painful the problem can become. We see many patients without insurance and can accomidate there needs by giving discounts, alternative treatments and creative financing.

We may offer patients a 20% discount on more expensive treatment that is essential for their dental health. We offer alternative treatment such as instead of a crown on a teeth it might be possible to do replace missing tooth structure with a filling material.

Missing teeth can be replaced with a more conservative partial denture.

We see many patients for a second opinion and they bring in a treatmnet plan from another dentist where thousands of dollars worth of treatment is listed. Our exam most times reveals that there is much less treatment actually needed and or some treatment can be put off for some time and spread out to make it more affordable

Please call our office at 909-593-3551 for a free consultation!.

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