• Daniel Huigens DDS

Covid 19 prevention in the office

The office of Daniel Huigens DDS in La Verne consistently reviews CDC guidelines for dental office preparedness for the prevention of Covid 19 transmission. Most of the prevention is preventing staff and doctor from getting the virus. A dental office is probably one of the safest places to be treated. Since dentists are in such close proximity to the source of the virus, requirements for the office to be safe is very high.

This is one of the reason it took some time for us to open our office. The supply of PPE was nil because most of it was taken by the hospitals. The N95 masks are still in short supply . Besides masks and gowns and daily replacing with clean items is required.

Strict sterilization of instruments is always followed as well as disinfection of the treatment rooms and even the whole office.

Therefore, you have to trust the dental office you are entering. I have heard of other office not following the strict standards.

All of this preparation is driving up costs already from a high overhead busniness (65-70%). Insurances are allowing us a $10 charge for the extra cost of the PPE.

We will continue all precautions even when the virus is no longer a worry and a vaccine has been developed.

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