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2nd Opinions For Treatment.

Just like many medical procedures it is recommended to get a 2nd opinion ro verify that treatment is necessary and the correct procedure is getting done. Many dental procedures are straight forward as far as treatment such as treatment for a cavity but even that can be questionable. Much has to do with the trust you have in your dentist, how long you have been seeing them and previous treatment. Many procedures have more that one way of doing things or alternate treatment is available. If you are not sure, you should get a 2nd opinion from another dentist. For instance if you never had any gum problems in the past and the hygienist says you need a full periodontal scaling of your whole mouth, get another opinion. If a crown is suddenly diagnosed and you have only a small filling on the tooth, make sure they show you why you need a crown before agreeing to one.

Some of us dentists who have been around awhile have seen more problems like this in the last 10 years. Dental school is expensive and office overhead is high so motivation for more production in the dental office is high .

We offer free 2nd opinions and even then it is still on opinion based on experience and not on finances for the office.

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