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1st bolg Consumer Dental Products

Starting out with something I have not done before so bare with me until I get going. Hopefully I will talk about something that is interesting to many different people, but doubt most people find much about dentistry interesting unless you are in the field.

Let me say a few thinks about what is heard on the TV and internet about dental products in general.

This is a BILLION dollar industry and so all these companies want to get you to buy their product. Toothpaste makers will say this and that and many times they say it is recommended by dentists. I am sure there are dentists who would recommend all of them, it is not like these companies send all the dentists a survey to see if would endorse the product . From time to time we get surveys and they end up asking if you would ever recommend this product and most of the time we say sure why not, let the person using it decide.

If the product has a seal from the American Dental Association then it was evaluated in a study to see if it it does what it is supposed to and only when the product is proven to actually work as stated then it might get a seal of approval . Doesn't mean that products that don't have a seal are not any good, they just have not been evaluated.

Many products don't even have to be FDA approved and manufacturers can say just about anything they want and make claims that are not proven or have been evaluated scientifically. Such as whitening teeth products that claim to get your teeth 10 times whiter. What does that mean? Ten times whiter could be one shade if one times whiter is 1/10 of a shade !

I will be talking about this more in another blog for now this is probably more than what you wanted to read. lol

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