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Other Treatment Available by Daniel Huigens DDS


Treatment for teeth grinding and clenching with TMJ issues and tooth wear.

Many patients are unaware that they do grind their teeth. Tooth wear can be a serious issue. All in one family dentist

will evaluate your needs.

Tooth Sensitivity 

 Daniel Huigens DDS has various treatments for this common problem.

 Depending on where and what is causing the sensitivity various treatments are used. High fluoride toothpaste may be given. We have desensitizing agents that is placed on the tooth. A laser can even be used at a special mild setting for tooth sensitivity and somesthing a protective filling is needed.

Tooth Straightening Without Braces

In certain cases teeth can be made to look straighter by using cosmetic dentistry. bonding or veneers. Also crowns can be placed straight as a crooked tooth ! DanielHuigensDDS is one the best comstic dentist near La Verne to do this!

"Tongue Tied "

Can be corrected with minimal laser surgery by removing the tissue band called a frenum that holds the tongue down. Also there are these band that can be on the upper and lower lip.

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