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Laser and Botox in La Verne utilizes a dental laser in his practice to perform various treatments which are mostly soft tissue. This may include such things as frenectomies, treatment of cold sores and canker sores. Trimming and contouring excess gum tissue to improve dental cosmetics. Laser is a great way to treat cold sores and canker sores because it will make them heal fast and eliminate the pain. 

BOTOX   is something you may not think of in the dental office but who knows best about treating the mouth and connected areas !  Daniel Huigens DDS has been using Botox for several years to treat chronic headaches, bruxism, lip contouring and muscle tension between the eyes, forehead, jaw and chin. By weakening certain muscles allows other muscles to be more beneficial by lifting of depressing certain areas. Knowledge of al the muscles and nerves are imperative.

Botox. where is can be used
Botox for dental patients
Laser treatment for a lip hemangioma
Laser Therapy 
laser frenectomy.
post laser frenectomy.j

Laser frenectomy with only topical anesthetic the 2nd picture is about a week later

  Many of you have or have seen a red or purple spot on someones lip. It is actually a collection of blood capillaries called a Venus Lake. These were difficult to remove until laser treatment was available.

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