Affordable Options for Replacing Missing Teeth


   Some people require dentures due to loss of teeth. 

There are many different situations where dentures can be used. Even the loss of a single tooth can be replaced with a partial denture. These are removable by the patient. 

    Daniel Huigens DDS at the LaVerne, CA. office can provide you with affordable options for your missing teeth. We have partial dentures that have metal clasps and partial dentures that are flexible and have no metal. 

    Existing dentures that are not staying in as well as they use to might only need to be relined and not be remade or just new teeth added. 

Call for a free consultation if you don't have any insurance and Daniel Huigens DDS will discuss with you the possibilities.


Mini Dental Implants for Dentures

What mini implants for dentures look like

  How much do implants cost ?  Many people want to know the price of replacing their teeth. TV advertising makes it seem it is something most people can afford. To replace both top and bottom dentures attached to implants can be as much as $20,000 for each one. It can be as much as a new car!

Plus you don't walk out the same day with a finished denture as the TV ads suggest. Most cases a temporary denture is used for 4 months or more before the permanent implant denture is made.                                                                                                                                            

 Mini implants are a more affordable treatment option that can keep you denture from falling out by themselves.

Call Daniel Huigens DDS in La Verne, CA and find out how much more affordable mini implants are. Mini implants can be 1/4th the price. You will be surprised at how well they keep your dentures in. 

Mini implants have been around for many years and proven to be the most cost effective way to retain your dentures. Your dentures only come out when you want to take them out. Our patients have all been very happy of the results.


 Dr. Huigens can place your mini implants  fit your denture all in one day ! You go home with a secure permanent denture and no waiting for months like conventional implants. They are affordable implants for seniors

Call Daniel Huigens DDS in La Verne at (909) 593 3551 for a FREE consult and exam to find out if you are a good candidate for mini implants.

Partial denture made from special material called Valplast
Flexible partial dentures as shown here are very aesthetic because no metal shows.
These work well when you have teeth on either side of the space.