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Dental Implants

                                                      Call Dr Huigens' office now for a FREE consultation and exam ! in LaVerne, CA.  as an all in one family dentist is trained in placing dental implants. It is important to know that Dr. Huigens uses only high quality implants made in the USA. Affordable dental implants should not be the cheapest implants. There are several makers of implants, some have been used for a long time and proven on there performance.  Affordable dental implants should include the cost of implant but also implant crown along with the part that holds the crown on to the implant called an abutment. 

    For people that wear dentures Dr. Huigens also provides affordable lower jaw implants for seniors called a mini implant that can hold a denture on until you want to take it out. See the Mini Dental Implants page at DanielHuigens  Lower jaw implants are generally less complicated to perform if there is adequate bone. 


  What is an implant?

 Implants are made from titanium and now ceramics with a special coating  and replaces the root of a missing tooth. Bone  then actually grows on to the implant over a few months time. A healing cap is placed on the implant or sometimes a temporary crown is placed during healing.  After about 4 months the implant is ready to be restored with an implant crown.

    Implants can replace an existing tooth or teeth, sometimes an implant can be placed at the time a tooth is taken out.

       Daniel Huigens DDS will also refer you to a specialist for more complicated implants requiring an oral surgeon. 

  "4 on 4" is a term you may have been hearing on the tv or radio  where 4 or more implants are placed to secure a denture. Most cases a temporary denture is worn until the implants heal.

Dental implants transparency of them in the mouth
healing implant.

Implant with a healing cap

Dental implants in the mouth

2 implant over-denture

Implant replaced a missing tooth

Implants replacing a major defect

Dental implant prothesis for front teeth
Picture of a person before a dental implant
person with a dental implant tooth
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