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Dental Hygiene, More Than a Teeth Cleaning !

     Dental hygiene is the appointment where the hygiene staff of an affordable dentist near La Verne a will keep you mouth in healthy condition. We recommend these appointments be made two times a year at minimum. Some patients require to be seen more often.  

   We have excellent, well trained, registered hygienists.  The hygiene appointment will consist of about an hour of treatment We never do just a polishing like you might get at other offices. We include a comprehensive oral exam, oral cancer exam. needed x-rays, oral hygiene instruction, and complete teeth scaling and polishing.   Gum disease can affect your whole body and affect several other diseases. It is important to your overall health not just your mouth .   If you need periodontal scaling and root plaining and have insurance necessary documentation is needed to get insurances to pay for the extensive treatment.

Pictures of gum disease progression
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