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Crowns and Bridges

    Crowns are often uses when a tooth does not have enough of it's own substance to support the tooth in the mouth. This occurs from large amount of decay, broken or cracked tooth. A large filling or a root canal tooth often needs a crown.

     Crowns are custom made for each person's tooth. All in one family dentist near La Verne, Ca. office utilizes the latest ceramic and zirconia tooth colored materials available for the crowns . If you feel you may need a crown call now  for a free exam before the tooth breaks !

     Bridges are used to bridge a gap between 2 or more teeth. These are much like a crown on teeth on either side of the gap, missing tooth or multiple missing teeth.  For people that don't want a bridge (which cemented in and non removable ) implants for each missing tooth is a better solution. 

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Person with missing top teeth.
After treatment with a dental bridge
fractures in teeth
treatment of cracked teeth with crowns.

The above patient had a traumatic injury from a fall and fractured her 2 front teeth. Some of the fracture lines had been there called crazing lines but the large ones are  fractures. We had to place crowns on each one for strength. Picture on the right shows the crowns cemented. Notice how we reproduce the translucent edge and even some crazing lines to match her other teeth!

This is the kind of detail that you don't normally see.

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