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Affordable Cosmetic Dentistry including veneers, crowns, bridges, bonding, teeth whitening

Kate H.★★★★★Great . | insider_expert Insider Expert |I have been going to this office for many years and have been quite satisfied. The dental hygienists are very careful to not be too rough on you and any dental work I've had done by Dr. Huigens has been done with the utmost care. He has a knack of being able to numb your gum without you even feeling the needle going in. The biggest example of the care he and his staff take was with my two year old son who had fallen and broken a tooth. My son did not even squirm when they worked with him.

   Daniel, dentist near La Verne, the best cosmetic dentist takes his artistic talents straight to developing a beautiful cosmetic design for your smile. The patients face becomes a canvas for Dr. Huigens to improve the beauty of your smile !  You may not think there is anything we can do for you but if you have thought about having a better smile you owe it to yourself. Veneers, teeth whitening, dental bonding are just a few treatments we perform to improve your smile. 
As an all in one family dentist, Dr Huigens can do this and much more for your smile.  
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Space between front teeth
Veneers on 2 front teeth.

This person had this gap between her teeth since she was a kid. Finally we placed affordable veneers on her two front teeth and it brought her to tears she was so happy ! Wished she had done it long ago !

picture of before treatment of bad teeth
After treatment with dental crowns of bad front teeth
Before treatment picture of missing front teeth
After treatment with a dental bridge.

This patient had a lot of decayed teeth mostly caused from a history of drug abuse. Since being sober for years he finally deserved to get his teeth fixed once we stabilized his decay we place crowns on the front 6 teeth. If you notice the one front tooth is a little longer. This was done to match his bite on the bottom teeth and also looks more natural.

Dr Daniel Huigens, cosmetic dentist took about 45 min to transform this smile 

A patients front teeth with a gap in the middle
Patient front teeth with the gap filled in by bonding

The patient on the right here was a 16 year old who will going into the Army when he turns 18. Has missing lateral incisors and underwent orthodontic treatment. He was wearing a retainer with 2 fake teeth attached and lost the retainer. The Army said they would do implants in the two spaces so the parents wanted something better but not to expensive until then. Dr Daniel Huigens suggested a bonded bridge.  He sculpted freehand the missing incisors and bonded them to the teeth on either side of the space and was finished in little over an hour .  The whole family was super excited that it looked so good ! 

before treatment of missing teeth on a boy
After treatment of boy with missing teeth
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