Cosmetic Dentistry including veneers, crowns, bridges, bonding, teeth whitening

   Daniel Huigens DDS takes his artistic talents straight to developing a beautiful cosmetic design for your smile. Dental cosmetic bonding, crowns, dental veneers and bridges. The patients face becomes a canvas for Dr. Huigens improve the beauty of your smile !  You may not think there is anything we can do for you but if you have thought about having a better smile you owe it to yourself. Veneers, teeth whitening, dental bonding are just a few treatments we perform to improve your smile. Call Dr. Huigens at the La Verne, CA office for a FREE consultation now !

This person had this gap between her teeth since she was a kid. Finally we placed veneers on her two front teeth and it brought her to tears she was so happy ! Wished she had done it long ago !

This patient had a lot of decayed teeth mostly caused from a history of drug abuse. Since being sober for years he finally deserved to get his teeth fixed once we stabilized his decay we place crowns on the front 6 teeth. If you notice the one front tooth is a little longer. This was done to match his bite on the bottom teeth and also looks more natural.