Laser dentistry

Lasers can used to successfully treat numerous dental problems in and around the mouth. Dr. Huigens uses a new advanced diode laser in our office in La Verne. Many patients have been treated with the laser to help with healing, pain, bleeding, gum surgery and many others.

One of the more popular treatments we do is to help with the healing of herpes of the lip, or cold sore. Dr. Huigens can use the laser when the cold sore is just starting and can prevent it from progressing into a full sore, eliminate the pain and the sore can be gone in a few days! Treatment takes only a few minutes. In some instances the laser treatment can actually stop the herpes virus from re occurring in the same area.

Painful canker sores can be treated in the same way and stop the sore from progressing and stop the pain.

The picture shows a Venous Lake which is a collection of blood vessels. People will appear to have a mole or blood blister on their lip. These can bleed easily if bit or cut. It was hard to treat until laser therapy.

Other treatments done by Dr. Huigens include frenectomies, gingivectomies, fibroma removal, remove dark patches on the gums just to name a few. I will put more pictures up shortly.

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