General and Esthetic Dentistry


  Dr. Huigens is rated #1 out of 10 dentists in La Verne according to Dr. Oogle dentist review website!

We perform the dental work you need and want to give you healthy, beautiful smile that will last a lifetime.

    We at Dr Dan Huigens dental office are proud of the excellence in service we provide to out patients. We strive to make affordable treatment that our patients needs yet maintaining our high quality of service and materials. Our office is professional but friendly and comfortable. Our patients are treated like family and we give gentle, honest, custom care to each person.  

NO, you still should floss!

Oral diseases are caused by bacteria that completely cover the teeth, said Dr Camargo, chairman of the Department of Periodontics, University of California, Los Angeles, School of Dentistry. Anything that can get between and along the sides of the teeth helps disrupt this bacterial growth. Floss, interdental brushes, and even wooden toothpicks all are effective, "but flossing is easiest and least invasive. I think it's a disservice to patients to tell them they don't need to floss regularly."

    We understand some patients can't afford everything they may need so we try to offer alternative treatments methods to allow treatment to be spread out over time.
We aim for prevention and achieving the best oral care for life. 

The office is not a dental clinic. We spend time with our patients and want our relationship to be long term. Most of our patients family and friends have been seeing us for many years. We have patients that come as far away as Wyoming and Tennessee for treatment!

We appreciate all of our patients who have given us 5 star reviews and welcome new patients to see why!   Call now! 909-593-3551